Best Toy Gift Ideas

When it comes to kids birthday gift or other toy stuff, you definitely have a lot of items to choose. If you want to select ideal gift for proper age kids. Here are some easy tips to follow.

Babies in 0-12 months old are more into exploring their surroundings, The better choice for these kids are bright-colored and sound-producing toys. Also, the furry and cuddly toys are popular too.

For 1-3 years old toddlers, they are more eager to explore and practice. The ideal for this age are those that produce sound when pushed or pulled, since this lets them explore cause and effect of what they do.

If you are choosing gift for 4-6 years old kids,  puzzles or building blocks are more better for them since they start to use their fine motor skills.  toy trucks such as magic tracks and train sets are the ideal toys for them. Kids this age are really active during playtime.

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